Our Classroom Website

Welcome to our first-grade classroom's website.  I am so happy you are here!



What can you expect of me:

I am commited to ensuring my classroom is a place where children have a voice, are pushed to their full potential, are equipped to make decisions, and become productive members of our society.  I understand the importance of my role as a teacher and I will excercise patience and a nurturing attitude. Our classroom will be a place of growth, safety, and success.  I want students to feel good about coming into my classroom and leave with skills that will last a lifetime.

My expectations of my students:

My students will be expected to use empathy, understand consequences, and will be taught to make realistic goals.  My students will learn life skills, cooperation, responsibility, and consideration.  Our classroom has a cohesive environment where everyone working together.  My students will be expected to come to class on time and turn in all assignments on time.  

Technology in the classroom:

We will use all technology in the classroom safely and sucessfully.  Students must understand that what they do online matters and I will teach them to think before they click.  Students will be educated how to use technology wisely and all settings will be private.  I understand the importance and my duty to keep students safe and this includes while using technology in the classroom.