• We will follow directions the first time they are given.
  • We will treat all classmates with kindness.
  • We will keep our hands, feet, and bodies to ourselves.
  • We will use our inside voices and walking feet.
  • We will raise our hands to share ideas.


 It is important to have rules, consequences, and rewards to have a smooth-running classroom.  Consequences help children know to not make that choice again and rewards remind children to keep up the good work.  In our classroom, we use a color-coded ladder for behavior.  Each child has a clip they are esponsible for moving as directed according to their behavior.  They start the day on Green.  Great behavior could result in moving up to blue (and earning class dollars) and poor behavior would result in moving down to yellow (loss of 5 recess minutes), and then red (loss of all recess and parents would be contacted). They chart their behavior on their calendars in their take home folders.  



We have a classroom reward system where students earn class dollars based on great behavior.  They can save their dollars to visit the class store.  I have a variety of treasure chest items, little toys, candy, and other miscellaneous items (donations always appreciated).  Students can also purchase items such as 15 minutes free play, lunch with me, or show and tell time.  They have an account where they can deposit their cash to save.